Custom Metal Fabrication and Its Advantages

Custom Metal Fabrication is a process of designing metal products with the help of computer technology. The process starts with rough drawings which are developed by metal fabrication industries. Here, various ideas are collected and then converted into reality by metal fabrication experts. From these ideas, actual designs are developed through 3D computer model program.

After this, the design is finalized and a blueprint is hand-crafted to set the production schedule and budget for the entire production run. The tooling and machine specification is also created in order to make sure that the manufacturing process runs smoothly. After this entire process, all the machining raw materials, equipments and machining services providers are procured from different suppliers. All these activities are then executed through manual tools and automatic machines.

In a nutshell, custom metal fabrication is used to make different types of metal products such as, tubes, screws, nuts, bolts, feet, handrails, brackets, boxes, etc. There are several advantages of using this technique over other conventional methods of product assembly such as welding, cutting, riveting and broaching. One of the important aspects of using Custom Metal Fabrication in business area is that all the manufacturing processes including the inspection of the finished product takes place at the same plant instead of at different sites.